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Substantival term
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(1) mature fruit: Fructification of plant of layer of rue division Chinese prickly ash, circle, fruit extent gives birth to protuberant gland dot closely, craze is born repeatedly into two hemisphere, seminal black. (2) colour and lustre: Yellow of exocarp of mature Chinese prickly ash is gules, vermeil or amaranth, endocarp yellow white, (the colour and lustre such as white sanded any of several hot spice plants is a bit shallow) . (3) closes a key point: Development undesirable or crudely fructification of Chinese prickly ash, although be made via basking in but peel not craze or not sufficient craze, seed of any of several hot spice plants cannot emergence. (4) mildew seed: Dark ash of color of mould be caused by, have the Chinese prickly ash of haing flavour or mildew flavour. (5) Guosui straightens: The stalk of spic of fruit of Chinese prickly ash. (6) impurity: Everything beyond seed of peel of Chinese prickly ash, any of several hot spice plants, Guo Suigeng is sundry. (Seed of 7) any of several hot spice plants: Fructification of mature Chinese prickly ash is collected after closing, via basking in the seed that makes peel craze emergence. (8) peculiar smell: Point to the odour beyond odour of itself of Chinese prickly ash (9) odour: The volatile fragrance with peculiar peel of Chinese prickly ash and hemp piquancy. (10) oily any of several hot spice plants: Abstract the Chinese prickly ash after Chinese prickly ash is oily, colour and lustre is dark black. (11) body works: Water content of Chinese prickly ash does not exceed 11% or the hand is grasped hard fragile, rub has froufrou to work for the body. (12) is even: Size of bead of any of several hot spice plants is orderly. (13) is clean: Chinese prickly ash adheres to without besmirch, contamination and do not have foreign matter infiltration.