Tree of Chinese prickly ash
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Zanthoxylum Bungeanum Maxim of this Chinese prickly ash of plant of Pin Weiyun sweet division reachs green pepper Zanthoxylum Schinifolium Sieb. Et Zucc. peel. Former plant fastens deciduous leaf bush, feral with help advance somebody's career to all have. Area of domestic greater part is multi-purpose the peel of Chinese prickly ash, its are lubricious red, big person be used to says " bright red gown " , quality is optimal. Any of several hot spice plants of its seed name looks, also offer officinal. Additional, with the division is Chinese prickly ash of leaf of congeneric plant bamboo, wild the peel of door or window frame of Chinese prickly ash, 簕also makes Chinese prickly ash officinal.

[Alias] Chinese prickly ash calls Sichuan any of several hot spice plants, red any of several hot spice plants, plain any of several hot spice plants again. Green pepper alias: Sweet any of several hot spice plants child, hill any of several hot spice plants, cliff any of several hot spice plants, day any of several hot spice plants, fragrant flower any of several hot spice plants.

[Producing area] area of countrywide greater part all has production.

[Produce season] around of over the Mid-autumn Festival is collected close. With the person that collect after the Mid-autumn Festival is beautiful, collect aroma of the person that close prematurely lesser, cross Chi Zeguo fact to fall off.

[Producing area is machined] collect the insolation after closing, the sieve goes seed and impurity can.

[Character is differentiated] 1. Chinese prickly ash: Show 1~2 be linked together globose fruit, or craze is become base the two valve shape that the ministry is linked together. Diametical 4~5mm. Peel surface red, amaranth or Gong Zong are lubricious, extremely shrinkage, have majority protuberant sunken the oily gland below, endocarp is smooth, flaxen, seeds of some form of remaining black chromosphere. Aroma is grumous, flavour hemp is hot and abiding.

2. Green pepper: Show 1~3 conjoint globose fruit, or every fruit already craze becomes two valve state, fruit top is early smallish rostellum is pointed. Diametical 3~4mm. Peel surface grass green, olive or palm green, have reticulation and majority sunken the gland of the oil that order state below, endocarp hoar or flaxen. Taste is small sweet after that hot.

[Character actor bad] Chinese prickly ash works with the body, color is red, green pepper works with the body, lubricious viridescence, all be beautiful without the person that straighten to look without any of several hot spice plants.

[Composition] the peel of green pepper and Chinese prickly ash all contains naphtha, different fennel aether is contained in oil (Estragol) and 牻 ox mellow (Geraniol) .

[Effectiveness] Wen Zhong comes loose bug of cold, drive, stop urticant. The abdomen that treat Wan is cold painful, hey spit, diarrhoea, ascarid is ill; Skin Sao is treated to itch outside.

[Store up] set dry office, prevent mildew.
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