Chinese prickly ash
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Division belong to: Rue division, Chinese prickly ash is belonged to.

Configuration feature:
Deciduous leaf bush or small tree, tall 3-7m, cauline doing has normally increase leather thorn; Branch gray or brown gray, petty leather aperture is reached slightly inclined the leather thorn that is born up; Give birth to rod in those days by short fluff. Odd a shape compound leaf, foliaceous axis brim has narrow wing; Flocculus 5-11, paper quality, egg form or egg shape grow a circle, do not have a handle or do not have a handle nearly, grow 1.5-7cm, wide 1-3cm, pointed or tip is tiny sunken, base ministry intimate circle, the brim has fretsaw to age, exterior midrib base ministry two side constant by tuft Brown long fluff, without pinprick. Get together panicle top gives birth to the umbrella, perianth piece 4-8; 5-7 of male flower stamen, 3-4 of female flower carpel, rare 6-7, ovary does not have a handle. Fruit is globose, normally 2-3, red or amaranth, give birth to the oily dot with verrucous raised shape closely. Florescence 3-5 month, month of fruit period 7-9.

Zoology characteristics:
Happy event is smooth, appropriate warmth is wet the layer that reach ground is deep and fecund loam, sanded loam, bud Nie sex is strong, cold-resistant, be able to bear or endure drought, disease-resistant capability is strong, concealed bud life is long, reason is able to bear or endure strong crop. Do not be able to bear or endure waterlogged, short-term seeper can cause death.

Progenitive method:
Sow the collect seed when 7-9 month seed matures completely, seed collecting hind is seasonable indoors dry place air, the seed is taken out after peel craze, air hind stores up, prevent mildew to change an oil. After the first ten days of a month used store seed bubble of 70 ℃ leach 12 hours in March, with buck seminal surface dried meat qualitative layer rub goes, wet Shazengwen reachs 20 ℃ vernalization after reoccupy clear water is abluent store up. In March after the middle ten days of a month, drilling begins after waiting for a seed to show radicle. 30-40cm of × of 3-5cm of row spacing of general individual plant, also can become farmland boardcast sowing. According to soil moisture content, want sufficient moisture in the soil to sow, 2-3cm of ply of to earth up. / of application rate LOkg or so mus, sprout rate control in 70 % , quantity yield a young plant is in / of 50 thousand individual plant mu above. Help advance somebody's career administrative field planting is crucial, cultivated survival rate is top when just beginning to stir with bud, after growing, should irrigate show water, grow 2-3 of seasonal top application second, be united in wedlock when drought water. Main plant diseases and insect pests: Disease has rust; Insect pest has long-corn of aphid, red spider, Chinese prickly ash, chafer.

Comfortable unripe limits:
North of our country China, China medium, Hua Najun has distributing. Hill of ox of Henan province bend over, too travel hill helps advance somebody's career relatively concentration, yan Ling all has everywhere cultivated.
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