Chinese prickly ash of Yuan of drought of north of short for Weihe River establi
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In last few years, as the adjustment of rural industrialization structure, chinese prickly ash helps advance somebody's career the area develops in Yuan of drought of north of short for Weihe River very fast, the base of production of high grade Chinese prickly ash with the largest scale of a whole nation saves Yuan of drought of north of short for Weihe River in Shaanxi preliminary already form, but the winter as a result of Yuan of drought of north of short for Weihe River spring change of two season climate is unusual, make Chinese prickly ash cultivates body and bud to suffer the serious harm with refrigerant warm end easily, if undertake artificial precaution not in time, can cause fructification of Chinese prickly ash considerably reduction of output. Accordingly, the following significant step that prevent freeze injury should have been caught in production of Chinese prickly ash.
1 winter establishs the skill that body prevent frostbite kills
(The water fertilizer of 1) autumn manages is to enter should stop to chase after after July apply nitrogenous fertilizer, in case hind Ji Feng is long. 2 it is base manure should be applied at 9-10 month as early as possible, be helpful for raising the nutrient level that establishs system.
(2) grows 9-10 month to be adopted to erect flourishing branch with flourishing of body of clip control tree pull, the way corp is growing that fasten and picks the measure such as the heart to weaken flourishing branch, effect of control flourishing tree is apparent, can raise those who establish system to fight cold ability.
(3) enhances the nutrient standard that establishs system is to be in 7, can apply the quick result potash fertilizer such as potassium sulfate August; Shi Guangge of gush of face of blade is small fertilizer, early Hefei of chela of earthworm, amino acid efficient small fertilizer, join faculty in order to raise the light of tree body. 2 it is to be in 9, gush of face of blade was applied October 0. The phosphoric acid of 5 % 2 hydrogen Potassium 0. 5 % - the urea of 1 armour E mixes fat juice, day of every other 7-10 connects gush 2-3 second, can raise a tree effectively to body nutrition is laid in and fight cold ability, also can apply to gush of empty flourishing tree (of 500-1 000)x10 negative shrink 6 times section amine or (the fails cycocel 6 times solution of 1 000-2 000)x10, it is better to undertake changing dominating the result.
(4) strengthens live through the winter to protect government is the significant preventive measure that adopts trunk earth up and seedling to rectify individual plant earth up, strengthen pair of protection that establish system. 2 it is white to truncal besmear protection, with calx 5 sulfureous 0. Water of portion of 2 plants oily 0.l makes up 5 salt 20 times to protect an agent to undertake the Tu Gan that establish system.
(5) sprays antifreeze sprays to establishing system during live through the winter antifreeze 1 % , 1. The solution of 25 % , can prevent the freeze injury of branch effectively.
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