The treatment of Chinese prickly ash is used
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1. Doing of Chinese prickly ash is made
Doing of traditional Chinese prickly ash formulates a method is concentration air is basked in or be in shady and cool and dry place dry in the shade, what need time to grow quite, need 6 ~ 10 days commonly, and if encounter weather of overcast and rainy,appear easily during this mildew changes to wait for a problem and cause a loss. Use artificial and roast method more now, the drying oven that use land or dryer undertake working making. Colour and lustre of artificial and roast Chinese prickly ash is good, can save the peculiar special flavor of Chinese prickly ash well.
Specific means is: Chinese prickly ash is collected after closing, center air to be basked in a long time to a day first, install next carbonado the sieve sends drying oven roast, the ply that install a sieve 3 ~ 4 centimeters. In roast control drying oven temperature in the begining 60 ℃ of 50 ~ , 2 ~ 2. 80 ℃ left and right sides warms up after 5 hours, again roast 8 ~ 10 hours, when waiting for water content of Chinese prickly ash to be less than 10 % can. Should notice in roast process the platoon is wet and turn over a sieve. Begin roast when, every other is discharged 1 hour wet and turn over a sieve, later as water content of Chinese prickly ash reduce, the platoon is wet can lengthen appropriately with the time interval that turns over a sieve. After drying of Chinese prickly ash, along with carbonadoes the sieve is taken out, the sieve reachs branches and leaves to wait except seed sundry, it is finished product namely by standard bagging. The Chinese prickly ash after bagging should be in shady and cool and dry place keep in storage.
2. The treatment of pink of Chinese prickly ash
Take do the clean Chinese prickly ash after making, put into frying pan, fry with slow fire make, fry at the same time, keep turning over agitate at the same time; Or with carbonado fry machine in 120 ~ 130 ℃ fall fry make 6 ~ 10 minutes, take out natural refrigeration to room temperature, use disintegrator to smash to 80 ~ 100 eye, encase plastic film by ration in compound bag, heal is finished product of pink of Chinese prickly ash namely.
3. The treatment of oil of Chinese prickly ash
It is raw material with fresh Chinese prickly ash commonly. In putting edible rape oil into boiler first when treatment, heat after burning commencement oily foam to come loose, stop to heat, the Wen Jiang that wait for oil comes 120 ~ 130 ℃ (by experience or measure with the thermometer) when enter Chinese prickly ash (the scale of rape oil and Chinese prickly ash is 1 ∶ 0. 5) , build instantly sealed, send be lost in order to reduce the brandish of balmy material. Be in with centrifugal after refrigeration 1600 ~ 2000 turn / minute below speed centrifugal, the impurity such as eliminate fruit broken bits, bottle is oily finished product of Chinese prickly ash namely.
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