Plant diseases and insect pests of Chinese prickly ash prevents and cure
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1, aphid of cotton of Chinese prickly ash
Chang Qun collect sucks juice in the thorn on tender leaf of Chinese prickly ash and young burgeon tip, cause blade crinkly, bring rise and fall to spend premature drop, the stickiness honeydew that excretes at the same time is easy cause soft coal disease, the light that affects blade adds up to efficiency. Come by April the first ten days of a month began to endanger in May, 8-10 day 1 low. Method of prevention and cure is: In happen period every other cloth of 10 days of alternant gush 40% oxidation Le Guo 1500 times fluid, phosphor of sulfur of 40% water amine 1000 times fluid, 50% destroy aphid clean emulsion 4000 times fluid, spray continuously 2-3 second can control a harm.
2, Sang Bai uprights
Basically endanger limb, happen serious when Ke Zhizhi is sere dead. Can spray before Yu Meng bud female imago of emulsion of engine oil of 50 times fluid or live through the winter of prevention and cure of lime sulfur of 5 Baume degrees; Also can spray at 5-6 month and 7-8 month emulsion of engine oil of 100 times fluid adds 40% oxidation Le Guo 1000 times fluid, nymph broods at the beginning of prevention and cure.
3, long-corn kind
Basically get limb of eat by moth and root department with larva, produce 1 generation two years mostly, for Chinese prickly ash destructive destructive insects. Can use truncal Tu Bai, artificial catch imago, attack the egg that kill insect, hook to kill larva or phosphor to change zincic poison to sign the method such as the aperture that insert eat by moth to undertake preventing and cure; Also can use 80% DDVP aperture of eat by moth of inject of 500 times fluid; Imago fills 1000-1500 of happy fruit of hair period gush times fluid or or DDVP 1000 times fluid, exterminate imago before laying eggs.
4, jump armour kind
Basically endanger blade, stalk of the nutlet that some larva return special eat by moth to eat fruit of tender any of several hot spice plants, inflorescence and Xie Bing (like Chinese prickly ash red leg jumps armour) , it is to cause wilting of premature drop, lamina and the main pest of a large number of reduction of output. When prevention and cure, foliaceous period is exhibited in Chinese prickly ash, with the pine that kill snout moth's larva 2000 times fluid or enemy kill 2000 times fluid to spray crown of a tree and ground, exterminate the imago of live through the winter that come up out of land; Also can fill hair period to use oxidation happy fruit at larva of the last ten-day of a month in May 1500 times fluid or oil of phosphorous amine breast 800-1000 crown of a tree of times fluid gush, exterminate larva.
5, rust of Chinese prickly ash
Endanger blade. 6-8 month, times fluid of lime sulfur of gush 0.3-0.4 Baume degrees or peaceful 1000-1500 of 15% pink rust 2-3 second, controallable the happening of rust and harm.
6, black leg of Chinese prickly ash is ill
Also make spread gum disease, it is a kind of disease that Chinese prickly ash produces an area to happen generally. This disease basically endangers trunk radical ministry or truncal. Serious when also endanger branch, it is the main disease that causes dead tree. Method of prevention and cure: Before the field planting of feeling ill breed such as ① bright red gown, with aluminium of 40% second phosphor 10 times fluid or zinc of 70% Dai Sen manganese the field planting after neck of root of dip of 20 times fluid; The tree of any of several hot spice plants that already survived to field planting parts in March the last ten-day of a month is mixed 40% second phosphor is used at the beginning of June aluminous or 200-300 of 70% zinc of Dai Sen manganese root of times fluid each fill hind hill up, controallable the happening of disease. ② spreads gum disease with Gao Kang the breed such as any of several hot spice plants and Gou any of several hot spice plants made stock in August, with take perch of law of woodiness bud grafting (from the ground 30 centimeters are controlled) grafting is bright red the high grade breed such as gown, can prevent this ill happening effectively.
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