New breed of Chinese prickly ash---Chao Cangshan any of several hot spice plants
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2007-9-12 09:09:59

Academy of science of Heibei province forestry (postcode: 050061, phone: 0311-87684962) the new breed of Chinese prickly ash of the person selected Yo such as Bi Jun " Chao Cangshan any of several hot spice plants " , variety of Heibei province forest was carried before long before authorized committee is authorized.

Circle of this breed fructification, lesser, fresh fruit mass of 1000 kernel 66.78 grams, peel mass of 1000 kernel 14 - 15 grams, peel ply 0.9 - 1.2 millimeter, rate giving a skin 21.89% . Peel energy oily content is medium, it is about 6 - 10.7% . Budding force is weak, cheng Zhili is strong, in sitting to be led if really, wait. Bud of any of several hot spice plants, fructification all but edible, it is condiment, bloat the important raw material of dish and pharmacy. Anti-current glue is ill. In fighting cold sex, wait, young tree fights cold sex poorer. (Heibei Liu Liqun)