The science that Chinese prickly ash cultivates manages
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Tree of Chinese prickly ash is able to bear or endure arid barren, particularly appropriate at open space of terraced fields ground, edge, moorland, orchard all around wait cultivated. Tree of scientific and cultivated Chinese prickly ash also is to improve the zoology environment, efficient way that increases farmer income. One, help advance somebody's career administrative enlarge acupuncture point fertilizes: Early spring after edaphic defrost, cultivate Chinese prickly ash the edaphic deep not countingplane down all round root system 30, 50 centimeters, every individual plant applies organic fertilizer 30 kilogram left and right sides; The middle ten days of a month is budding in April period, the last ten-day of a month collected fruit hind in July, every individual plant applies standard chemical fertilizer each 0.4 kilogram. Fertilization hind is irrigated in time show water. Laminating adds lukewarm: Laminating is had protect wet calefacient favorable result, can raise ground temperature commonly 3 ℃ left and right sides, be helpful for root system development growing. Laminating should undertake in time after enlarge acupuncture point fertilizes, the edge is cultivated soon soil is whole fine whole dry, close truncal place slightly tall, velar area allows with be more than the predestined relationship outside crown of a tree to be a bit. Of two ground film have sex be in the squeezing ramming that use land, ground film is exhibited as far as possible smooth stick with the ground close, seal with earth all around severe. The bottom built 5 centimeters of large fine tract on film in April, can prevent fireweed to grow, lengthen ground film service life. Gush of face of blade is fat: With the phosphoric acid of 3 % 2 hydrogen Potassium and the urea of 0.5 % mix solution, annual gush of face of blade is fat 6, open florescence gush first time, 10 days of gush after the flower the 2nd, removed 10 days again gush the 3rd, on July, the middle ten days of a month and fructification are collected after closing each gush one. Clip rejuvnation: Summertime union is collected receive Chinese prickly ash, have crop in time. To big branch of part of feeble tree annihilate and ill bug branch, autumn is smoked again go redundant big branch, every individual plant is withheld finally 5, 7 bough, at the same time proper scanty remove a hat inside concentrated branch, scanty branch quantity does not exceed 25 % commonly, shrink cut partial weak branch to arrive strong bud place; What cultivate moderately is medium short branch is average not short cut, with scanty give priority to, notice to protect terminal bud, proper to growing fruit-bearing shoot short cut, withhold big bud. 2, science collects close collect accept time and method: Autumn of fructification of Chinese prickly ash comes in the Beginning of Autumn commonly around of the Limit of Heat. When Chinese prickly ash is mature, peel shows amaranth or damask, peel is sutural protuberant, a few craze, seminal black is shining. Can smell full-bodied hemp fragrance, this is optimum collect receive period, collect receiving fruit is to use commonly the hand is picked or shears is cut. Of spic of strong branch fruit picked: The first falls in spic of old any of several hot spice plants axillary have a full shoot, this bud is result bud of below one year, want appropriate to try to protect, when spic of picked any of several hot spice plants, scarcely wants along with pick off of this axillary bud, lest affect crop of the coming year. Of spic of weak branch fruit picked: Development of the first bud is not full; The 2nd or growth of the 3rd bud is relatively robust, the 2nd should be withheld when pluck or the 3rd bud, affect the 2nd year of crop otherwise.
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