Winter of Chinese prickly ash runs 6 points
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Common saying says: "Chinese prickly ash wants high production, the key is in charge of in the winter " use season of dormancy of Hua Shudong season to undertake wintry canal has a lot of profit, particularly right plant diseases and insect pests of Chinese prickly ash of prevention and cure, province industry saves medicine, handy easy travel, it is better to prevent effect. To reducing cardinal number of disease bug live through the winter, ease pressure of prevention and cure, ensure crop of Chinese prickly ash and quality have main effect. Run winter of Chinese prickly ash 6 points now, also can say " 6 words classics " the introduction is as follows, in order to offer reference. It is " cut " , it is plastic clip winter it is the auspicious time that has crop of Chinese prickly ash, when clip must annihilate " 7 branches " , namely: Excessive growth branch, sere branch, ill bug branch, too close branch, across branch, jackknife branch, delicate branch. Center the branch of annihilate burn down next, can eliminate the pest of the live through the winter on limb and bacteria. Carry clip of pair of plastics of Chinese prickly ash, can adjust tree gesture, promote the growth that establish system, lengthen Chinese prickly ash to cultivate life, improve crop of Chinese prickly ash and quality, increase economic benefits. 2 be " blow " , the parasitism in blowing the thick skin break that cultivates in any of several hot spice plants except thick skin namely is worn live through the winter of egg of a lot of bug, truncal on parasitism is worn Sang Bai Jie. Blow the thick skin that divide and spot drifting glue, center burn down, again smear sheds agriculture chemical of Baer of profit of glue power, demand, wipe after on rare mud covers cut, can destroy bacteria and bug egg. Adopt this kind of method, still have rejuvnation to uphold the action of situation. Be in high cold area, ying Zaichun season is good into behavior. 3 be " besmear " , it is truncal Tu Bai Tu Bai can reduce freeze injury; What defer cultivates is budding and blossom, make tree of any of several hot spice plants spares the harm of spring late frost. In addition, still can kill egg of bug of live through the winter of the hidden inside bark and bacteria. The pesticide that Tu Shu does has " agent of efficient Tu Bai " , effectiveness is extremely tall. 4 be " gush " , it is sparge some bacterias and bug egg divide pesticide to be mixed in deadwood fallen leaves outside the live through the winter on fireweed, still can be in parasitism live through the winter in the place such as crotch. Because this is before tree of any of several hot spice plants is gemmiparous,general gush alls alone 攠 of Och99 of 搇 of benefit Baer add kills bug clean pesticide, had better be in medicine of the gush when leaf of Chinese prickly ash did not fall, prevent effect admirable. In the meantime, also want gush drug to the other tree all round garden of any of several hot spice plants even, in case ill bug travels. 5 be " clear " , a few bacterias that are tree of any of several hot spice plants of garden of clear any of several hot spice plants and bug egg parasitism rot in deadwood the live through the winter on the leaf. In winter but at turning over garden before garden of any of several hot spice plants medium sundry clean clean, center burn down, can destroy bacteria of live through the winter and bug egg. 6 be " apply " , it is the fertilization that exchange land to Chinese prickly ash dig of tree radical ministry opens old territory to see a root, annihilate the root cause of illness or trouble, scatter on root corrupt comes loose pesticide, change new ground to had been buried again, can prevent and cure root rot. Use annular shape, radiative account below crown of a tree of Chinese prickly ash next, the fertilization law of appearance, apply farmhouse fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, apply some of nitrogenous fertilizer appropriately.
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