How to bask in Chinese prickly ash
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Above all, in autumn of Chinese prickly ash, had mastered picked time. Midday of Ying Zaiqing sky at 8 o'clock, after dew disappears, pluck. Picked time does not want too long, deposit not too much. Picked afternoon Chinese prickly ash does not bask in the mouth, after pass the night, color blackens, there is mildew place in inner casing, quality drops.
The 2nd, when basking in Chinese prickly ash, do not put on cement floor to bask in, should not put on plastic cloth to bask in more, lest Chinese prickly ash by high temperature scald hind, lose vermeil luster. The air on Ying Zaiwei banquet, bamboo banquet is basked in.
The 3rd, when basking in Chinese prickly ash, do not want to be caught with the hand, want to do a pair of long chopsticks with bamboo rod, clip Chinese prickly ash equably booth is put in banquet piece on, bask in the Chinese prickly ash that go out so bright red and bright. Polybag is loaded after been bask in inside, plunge into good mouth, can save for a long time.
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