The reason of premature drop of Chinese prickly ash reachs measure of prevention
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The reason of premature drop of Chinese prickly ash is very much, basically be dozen of medicine, fertilization, water undeserved be caused by. Premature drop of occurrence Chinese prickly ash should distinguish a reason, adopt different measure to undertake handling.
(One) after Chinese prickly ash of plant diseases and insect pests of seasonable prevention and cure thanks a flower, it is fastigium of happening of plant diseases and insect pests, if jump,fourth bug of armour, chafer, aphid, long-corn, auspicious, leaf roller, ant is mixed leaf rust, wait for harm Chinese prickly ash at disease of corrupt disease, withered tip, cause premature drop. Can gush is applied " 99 kill insect bug of clean, Pi drenchs, Suolibaer, puissant destroy spirit of Niu Ling, 100 bug, shed the efficient, low poison such as glue power pesticide and prevent fall seed of element, fertilizer, phosphoric acid 2 hydrogen Potassium, prevent effect to amount to 90 % above. Some any of several hot spice plants farming the pesticide that thinks Le Guo of 40 % oxidation is the fruit that protect a flower by accident, actually oil of milk of happy fruit of 40 % oxidation is virulent, tall remain pesticide, to Chinese prickly ash the tree is permeated, exciting, ruinous very strong, the block up after gush is applied nutrient absorption, cause a large number of withered tip is ill happening, bring about fallen leaves of premature drop of Chinese prickly ash and die. In the meantime, pesticide noxiousness remain is inside fructification of Chinese prickly ash, healthy to human body harm is very great also, it is the country bans used tall incomplete poisonous agriculture chemical.
(2) adaptability of tree of Chinese prickly ash of nutrition of seasonable fertilization complement is very strong, majority helps advance somebody's career in hillside ground, it is more difficult that employ farmhouse fertilizer is carried, so farming of any of several hot spice plants is used to employ chemical fertilizer, cause soil to harden, tree body is hidebound, bring about tree of Chinese prickly ash to come on and inchoate premature drop, die even. Can take two step: It is the tree of Chinese prickly ash that lives flourishing to the way corp is growing, cut the empty branch that goes growing on face (without fruit-bearing shoot) , reduce nutrition to use up; 2 it is to chase after the organic fertilizer that applies multi-element (farmhouse fat) , to grown knot fruiter, every individual plant applies kilogram of farmhouse fat 15-20, add calcium superphosphate and potassium chloride each 0. 5, 1. 5 kilogram. Before fertilization, had better mix in farmhouse fertilizer sail upstream, absorb at establishing system with benefit. 10 age the tree of Chinese prickly ash of above should increase fat amount appropriately, add some of plant ash. 2 hydrogen Potassium makes seed of usable also fertilizer, phosphoric acid foliage dressing, add bit of urea appropriately.
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