The anniversary of bud of Chinese prickly ash manufactures a technology (on)
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Nutrition of bud of Chinese prickly ash is rich, local color is distinctive, free from contamination, love by people. In the meantime, because produce bud of Chinese prickly ash to have management to go to the lavatory, the risk is little, economic benefits is advanced characteristic, accepting for more and more vegetable grower place so.
The breed of main Chinese prickly ash that chooses appropriate breed to regard bud of Chinese prickly ash as production has: Without thorn Chinese prickly ash, bright red gown, big Chinese prickly ash, young red any of several hot spice plants.
Implantation is annual nursery stock of Chinese prickly ash will already the full, orderly Chinese prickly ash after bead of purify impurity, not plump, mildew bead is planted in putting recipient, add the boiled water of 100 ℃ , the edge adds water edge agitate, the Wen Jiang that need water arrives 40 ~ when 50 ℃ , every kilogram water adds spirit of 2 milligram catharsis, water is changed 1 times after immersing 12 hours. the seed fish out hind immerses 12 hours again with same method, clear water of reoccupy of the fish out after the seed is sufficient and bibulous rinses 2 ~ 3 times. The middle ten days of a month on Feburary uses nutrient earthen bowl or paper tube sows inside conservatory, grow seedlings matrix is careless charcoal and fine slag, with 3 ∶ the scale of 1 deserves to mix matrix. 3 yuan of compound fertilizer are added in every stere mixture matrix 2 kilogram. For 10 centimeters of × in norms traditional Chinese clothes of 10 centimeters nutrient earthen bowl enters 3 / the matrix of 5 bulk, irrigate 3 seeds are put after showing water, 15 hectare of every 1 / (1 mu) need 0. 1 kilogram of 8 ~ seed, fu goes up after sowing 2 centimeters of thick matrix. Emerge hind undertakes final singling, the attention waters in time. Control of temperature of day of conservatory words spoken by an actor from offstage is in 20 ~ 25 ℃ , prep above 28 ℃ should let in fresh air in time drop in temperature, nocturnal Wen Wei is held in 15 ~ between 20 ℃ . Refine young plant has before field planting, the field planting at the beginning of May comes by April. The light should be chosen when field planting the sandy loam plot of fleshy of layer of enough, earth. China north area is general April field planting of the last ten-day of a month, before field planting 2 ~ cross land greatly 3 weeks 25 centimeters, 15 hectare of every 1 / apply the compost with finely become thoroughly decomposed the gallinaceous dung of 2500 kilogram, become thoroughly decomposed 250 kilogram, plant ash 60 kilogram. Make land smooth, by 50 ~ 60 centimeters distance ditch waves channel copy smooth. Before field planting 1 ~ 2 days, seedling should be irrigated 1 times show water. Every channel grows 2, spacing in the rows 15 ~ 18 centimeters, 15 hectare field planting makes an appointment with every 1 / 15000 individual plant, field planting hind irrigates field planting water in time. The 2 ~ after field planting irrigate delay seedling water 3 days 1 times. According to soil moisture content, irrigate 1 ~ 2 times intertill undertakes after water. 15 hectare of every 1 / used phosphoric acid June 2 ammonium 20 kilogram, the first ten days of a month applied ammonium sulphate again in July 25 kilogram, fertilization hind should water in time. Enter monsoon to want to notice field catchment. The disease that endangers nursery stock of Chinese prickly ash basically has leaf rust, but gush 40 % lucky star 800 times fluid or of 65 % but zinc of wet sex Dai Sen 500 times fluid prevents and cure. Insect pest basically is aphid of Chinese prickly ash, after discovering aphid, can use 1000 times cleaner fluid or oil of breast of 40 % Le Guo gush of 1500 times fluid kills 1000 ~ .
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